The Best Basketball Team in New York

Basketball Team in New York

The United States of America is home to many sports and sports teams. Whether its baseball, volleyball, or even football, the country has it all. One of the biggest sports that Americans also love is basketball and each state in the country has its own basketball team.

One of the biggest cities in the country is New York. The concrete jungle city has over 8 million people, and most are basketball fans. As their daily routine, they love to support their region’s team even in any sport. You may have one best basketball team in New York, but the teams proudly represent the region.

New York Knicks

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The Knicks are one of the original NBA teams, and many fans have been obsessed with them. They usually play in Madison Square Garden along with other NBA teams. You will often see them play in October of the current year until April of the next year.

Madison Square gets noisy when this team is up on the court doing their best to bring home the bacon. You can also see some celebrities rooting for the Knicks. Also, RJ Barrett is one of the team’s fantastic players, which has many die-hard fans.

Brooklyn Nets

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The Nets also have the same game schedule with the Knicks, which is October to April. The famous Jay-Z designed the logo of the basketball team in New York. Kyrie Irving is an All-Star guard, which is a fantastic player of the team. If you visit the streets of Brooklyn, you will see their gear very often.

New York Liberty

The Liberty is the New York’s basketball team of the WNBA. Their game schedule is from May until September. The team has been in the league since 1996 and continues to become an excellent team for the region. During summer, their team has been one of the highlight shows in most families.

Long Island Nets

This team is the professional team for the NBA G League, an affiliate of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. Long Island Nets are based in Nassau County and often play in Uniondale, New York. It is the 12th D-League team that the NBA owns.

Westchester Knicks

Another NBA G League team is the Westchester Knicks and affiliate to New York Knicks. They become the seventh D-League team of the NBA and are based on Westchester County. This affiliate team is one of the pride of New York.

Final Thoughts

The basketball team in New York depends on you. But, for people of New York, all teams are the best for them. They have been there for their teams supporting and always rooting. The teams became successful because they knew that their people always got their backs.

Basketball is not only a sport, but it also shows teamwork and love for the team’s state and country. Whether the games that the teams play are for local, national, or international, each New York basktetball team will play all their games with pride and love for their hometown.

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